A Family Business with Proven Experience

You deserve more than just a contractor. You should be 100% comfortable with the people working in your home. At Providence Construction, your complete satisfaction is our first priority. We bring a professional approach and personal service to your project. We strive to make remodeling your home an enjoyable experience.


Proven Experience

Jon Collins founded Providence Construction in 2007 with extensive experience in residential and commercial building. His vision was to combine the relational warmth, care, and attention to detail of a small company with the professional resources and capabilities of a large organization.

  • Experienced: Reputation for fairness and quality workmanship
  • Qualified: Great team of strong, experienced trades
  • Licensed & Insured: Residential and commercial
  • Realistic: Clear expectations and practical solutions
  • Reliable: Consistently referred by clients to their friends and family

Jon’s proven experience with new construction, large-scale infrastructure and complex project management is scaled for your home improvement needs. The success of this approach has been proven with exceptional results and highly satisfied homeowners.

Jon has shown himself to be a gifted builder!

David Jackson, President of Associated Business Contractors

I am certain that your success is due to the quality of your work.

Jay Denton, President of Silver Mountain Properties


Community Focus

We believe in the value of community and the importance of supporting people in need. The Providence Construction team contributes time and expertise to a variety of faith-based organizations to improve the lives of others.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Widow’s Walk, an organization that provides for widows in the Denver area.

In total, Providence Construction brings proven experience and a personal touch to your home remodeling project.

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